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  • Dmacc Portfolio Day 2016

    Dmacc Portfolio Day 2016

    This was a very fun project. I worked in a team of three people and we developed this¬†desktop mock up…

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  • Mason House Inn

    Mason House Inn

    This website was built to use as an example of using Drupal (CMS).

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  • Your Spa LLC

    Your Spa LLC

    Your Spa LLC wanted a website that showcased their services and to help reach out to new customers. We decided…

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  • Big Daddy Catfish LLC

    Big Daddy Catfish LLC

    This fishing company wanted a simple website that shows who they are and what they are wanting to accomplish. They…

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  • Flats N Cats Guide Service

    Flats N Cats Guide Service

    This Website was built primarily with HTML5 and CSS3. This Catfishing Guide service wanted a website that will reach new…

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  • Lil’ Brother Construction

    Lil’ Brother Construction

    This was a very fun project for me. This handyman/construction service needed a site to reach out to more customers…

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  • Iowa Deer Slayers Forum

    Iowa Deer Slayers Forum

    This small group of people wanted to start a hunting forum and share their enthusiasm for the outdoors with others.…

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  • William Thomason Web Development

    William Thomason Web Development

    This Site is one of my WordPress sites. I found that the layout and the functionality of the templet really…

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